New Open-Source Leg website launched March 2024!

We hope you enjoy the refreshed look and feel of the website, finding it easier to navigate and use.

Why the change?

Our previous website was somewhat outdated, built on an older platform, and we felt it didn't represent the Open-Source Leg platform as effectively as it could. We aimed to create a new website on a modern, scalable platform, with enhanced navigation and visual appeal. Additionally, we sought to host a dedicated community forum fully integrated within the website, fostering seamless interaction for users to learn, connect, and share thoughts. We also desired to transition from our previous development workflow, which involved logging into WordPress and making changes via the admin panel. This approach wasn't ideal, as we aimed for a more streamlined development process tightly integrated with our version control system and CI/CD pipeline, ensuring efficient website updates with minimal risk. Overall, our goal was to craft a new website that is more user-friendly, better represents the Open-Source Leg project, and is designed with our community in mind. We hope you enjoy the refreshed look and feel of the website, finding it easier to navigate and use.

What's changed?

The new website is built with NextJS, making it faster, more responsive, and scalable. We revamped the user signup and login process to enhance security, user-friendliness, and seamlessness. Furthermore, we switched our hosting platform, offering tighter integration and built-in tools for analytics and speed insights. This enables us to better understand user interactions and make data-driven improvements. Our new community forum, developed from scratch, seamlessly integrates with the website, enabling us to provide better support and tailored features for the Open-Source Leg community. The updated website also features feedback mechanisms and a news section for staying updated on Open-Source Leg platform news and updates. We have several other features in the pipeline, slated for rollout in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!